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Wish List

05 October 2018
Wish List *** The Wish List is temporarily closed until the branch re-opens in November 2018

If you wish to make any donations in the run-up to our re-opening, please email us below.  Many thanks.

We receive very generous donations from the 'Wish List' throughout the year.  For that we are very grateful.

We are also aware that many stores & supermarkets can be far cheaper, meaning you can donate much more food and items for the same price.  For example, a 12 pack of tinned cat food can be far cheaper than buying small packs of satchets, and as we have many mouths to feed; nothing goes to waste.  If your own cat is being fussy and you have a few spare satchets; nothing is too little to donate.  We are grateful for it all.
If you wish to donate items but cannot manage to drop them off to us - Don't worry!  We will come to you.
Contact us at: catsprotectionouteraberdeen@gmail.com

We are always in need of food for the cats: wet and dry food of different brands for variety and the fussy eaters.  For our older residents 'Senior' food is much appreciated, as well as kitten food for the youngsters in care.

For specialist items when we have kittens or sick cats in care, we will update our page and provide links to websites where they can be purchased as cost effectively as possible.

All the cats and volunteers thank you for your continuing generosity.

Our amazon page: amazon wish list