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All of the work we do at Outer Aberdeen Cats Protection is carried out by unpaid volunteers, many of whom have full time jobs, and others who have family commitments. Our branch would not be able to function without the help from our volunteers who all carry out valuable work.

All CP branches are self-funding, apart from a discretionary grant from HQ each year. We are responsible for raising funds that are required to enable us to carry out our work. While we have many willing volunteers, we are in need of more. Although working as a volunteer is unpaid, you have the enjoyment of working with the cats we have in our care.
At the moment we are desperately in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Fosterers: We currently have a few foster carers, but always in need of more. We are happy to supply food and litter for those who foster our cats. If you feel you can take in one of our cats on a short term basis, please contact us at volunteering@outeraberdeen.cats.org.uk or phone us on 07753697238.