Merlin (feral)

In April 2011, a large colony of ferals were being rounded up, neutered and most returned to the site.  But the little ones were kept, and I looked after some of them, one of which was Merlin.   All the other young ones were rehomed but Merlin remained.  He would run to me, he'd roll around my feet, he'd purr, we'd play together, then someone would visit, he'd sit on "his perch" - middle tier of his cat tree - and give them the evil eye with paw raised ready to swat them, growling away like a dog.  Merlin didn't do himself any favours when people met him.

Colin said several times, no no no, that cat is NOT moving in.  Hmmm, so bided my time until he went away for 3 weeks - yes!!  That night off to the pen with the cat basket and Merlin moved in.  He reverted back for a few days but I sat with him, talked to him and he forgave me.  Colin came home to find Merlin in the house and very settled.  To begin with Merlin would go nowhere near Colin, only if I was there.

Now Colin can scoop him up, cuddle him, rub his tum and he purrs and purrs.  He's wary when people come into the house but watches and then goes over and they fuss over him and he loves to roll over for them to rub his tummy. 

From being a very angry feral boy in April, now in December, well, he's the most fantastic cat, he adores cuddles, he loves being fussed over and he hardly stops purring.  Don't ever dismiss a little feral, with patience they can turn in the most brilliant friends.

Liz (and Merlin)