Murphy came to "lodge" with us in September 2010.  At the time we'd just lost our eldest lady, our regal tortie Chloe, three days previously.  We have other cats,and dogs too, but Murphy, being a foster cat, could only watch them from a distance.  One of our cats, Smokey, was very interested in Murphy and vice versa.  After his two weeks in care were over, Murphy was to go onto the rehoming list, but he didn't.  We'd fallen for his charms hook line and sinker. 

When he could officially meet the others, he was Mr Cool Cat, didnt mind the dogs, followed the other cats around and when our Mitzi (she who must be obeyed) swore at him, he rolled on his back and chirruped at her.  We didn't really choose Murphy, he chose us and we're delighted he wanted to join our home.

Liz & Colin (CP Volunteers)